If I hadn't experienced it myself, and somebody had only told me, I would probably not have believed how persistent some people are in defendig their errors and refusing to correct them.

Below summaries of only a very small number of disputes (esp. those, that are not obvious and not easily decidable with GE, but maybe only by going there (and taking fotos as evidence, on Gomera). and some that are truly striking (textbook-)examples). the majority of disputes are being summed-up (textonly) in pano.txt (where there's also a list of (someof) the placements that have been and those being disputed by me (= correction suggested in panoramio but not approved by author)

( Excuse the SprachMixMatch )

NO dispute (imo). Author RESISTS correction

Often the correct position seems quite certain (to me). In all cases I am quite certain that current placement is (demonstrably) wrong.

I wish there wouldn't be so many new cases in the "Author RESISTS" section

Already THREE cases have been moved into category "corrected".

SENDING CORRECTIONS (where known) TO [email protected] NOW !!

location being disputed

Any further information(proof?!) on correct placement would be most welcome!

corrected (after much ado)

well, there is now THREE already !! (but it took awfully long!)