Feminine Spirit -- by Candace Crane

Why do you hate me, man?
You hate me because I am a wolf.
Because I slide silently over the land in the shadows of winter and you cannot see me--
Where I come from
Or where I go.
Because I sing in the dark, sometimes for no reason
You can ascertain,
And you count my voice as
Threatening to your safety.
You hate me because I am wild,
And you cannot control me.
In my fur, the lightning makes its home.
In my soul, the wind blows free.
You call this chaos.
You trap me
Club me
Burn me
Rope me and drag me through the dirt.
You cut off my feet and ears
Pull my teeth
Rip off my skin
Slash the throat of my young
And pile their bodies in the dump.
Even so,
You can never kill me
And never own me.
You can only come to know me
And see I am your Other.
Why do you hate me?
Because I am a wolf...
             A woman...
             A wolf...
             A woman...

-- Candace Crane in "Shaman's Drum" fall 1994

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